[mythtv-users] Adding movies to MythTV

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 13:21:13 EST 2005

> (1) I wouldn't waste my time writing up a bunch of documentation
> without talking to rkulagow first. Seems like it would really suck to
> spend a ton of time writing up something only to find out there's no
> interest. Maybe I'm misunderstanding here though, is he solely in
> charge of all the documentation? Or are there other venues for
> submitting docs?

My understanding is that the Trac system is also a possible place to
submit your 'changes/additions' to the documentation.  I could be
wrong, this could be just for documentation on bug reports etc.  Good
question for the dev list I'd guess.

> (2) Are there any good SGML wysiwyg editors? IMO limiting the format
> like this isn't helping move the documentation forward. If someone has
> to learn SGML tags, its going to be less likely to find people to
> help. Lots more people know HTML, and there are many good HTML editors
> around. The easier it is to add documentation, the more that will get
> written.

Plain text is also an option.  Not sure, but my guess is that yet even
more people can write in plain text than in HTML ;)


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