[mythtv-users] Unwanted short pauses in playback (from 0.18.1 to current SVN)

Sasha Z kleptophobiac at gmail.com
Sun Dec 4 08:48:11 EST 2005

I've been having a really annoying little problem with video playback
for some number of months, but I've never been able to figure out what
it is.

The video stops, the audio stops, nothing happens. If I wait for a
random number of second (1 to 15), it will usually come back right
where it left off with no data loss. These little pauses usually occur
in groups, usually once or twice in a recording.

I'm going to playback one of these recordings through another computer
on mplayer to see if it's the frontend or the recording itself. In the
mean time, does anybody have experience with this problem?

I record with one PVR-150MCE and one PVR-250MCE.

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