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Sun Dec 4 08:10:00 EST 2005

On 12/4/05, Louie Ilievski <loudawg at comcast.net> wrote:
> On Saturday 03 December 2005 01:27 pm, Darren Black wrote:
> > I just bought myself a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop (wasn't keen on buying
> > Dell, but the price was good and it's a surprisingly nice machine). The
> > machine contains an Intel 2200 wifi card as part of the Centrino
> package.
> > My attempts to get the card working well in FC4 have been, well... ugly
> > would probably be the best word. That's perhaps a little beside the
> point
> > of this post.
> >
> > What I'm really wondering is if anybody here uses such a card under
> linux
> > to stream TV/recordings over. In the times I have actually had the card
> > functioning, the wireless connection was unable to sustain a constant
> > stream (without pausing and jitter). My streams are from a PVR150 card
> and
> > encoded at up to 8500kbit/sec. I have tried turning the bitrate down to
> > 6500 which helped, but not for very long. My previous wireless gear was
> > some DLink "b+" standard equipment. My current router is a Linksys
> WRT54GS.
> > I should be getting better throughput with this setup, however this is
> not
> > the case in Linux (to this point at least). Performance in Windoze is
> alot
> > better - the same recordings play back problem free using dsmyth.
> >
> > I suspect that my inability to configure the card correctly is the cause
> of
> > the poor performance, but I'd like some feedback to either confirm or
> > disprove this hypothesis. So do let me know :-)
> >
> > Cheers,
> > /drdaz
> I had an issue as well, and there are two things I did that made it work
> fine
> (although I haven't used my laptop a whole lot lately for mythtv):
> First, put your router in G-only mode, if possible.  This increases the
> throughput by a considerable amount (for me, mixed mode gave me around 1
> meg/sec transfers, while G-only mode gave me around 2 megs/sec).
> For the ipw2200, I noticed that when trying to stream mythtv stuff, I get
> a
> lot of errors in dmesg regarding the firmware messing up or something.  I
> think this is due to hardware encryption.  If you use WEP on your network,
> then add the module parameter hwcypto=0.  This eliminated that issue for
> me.
> These two things made everything stream just fine for me even at pretty
> high
> bitrates.  I did LiveTV before and it worked ok.
> ~Lou
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Thanks for the replies! As it happens I'm using the ipw2200 driver - I built
the latest version on sourceforge and use the newest firmware. Oddly enough
wpa_supplicant is able to authenticate with the router, but for the most
part ipw2200 is unable obtain an IP. I'll keep tinkering... If I can't get
wpa to work consistently soon I'll try dropping back to WEP protection since
that seems to have better in-driver support. I read in the driver docs that
WPA is enabled in the newest version of the driver, but I have no idea how
to utilize it :-|

Oh well.. Enough rambling from me. Thanks! Anybody else who feels they have
something to add here, I'd still gladly hear from you :-)

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