Fw: [mythtv-users] LIRC with USB remote control: how?

Simon Koch sfkoch at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 22:39:52 EST 2005

On 12/1/05, Enrico Ballarin Dolfin <enrico2 at swissonline.ch> wrote:
> I have found which USB remote control I have:
> it's an XPC-RC01 Hewlett Packard / Intervideo (possibly delivered also
> with
> ASUS TV 7134 card) as described here:
> ideo-home-theater-usb-remote-control-ph839a.aspx+remote+control+XPC-RC01&hl=
> de&client=firefox-a
> here is a picture of the remote control and the detailed description of
> the
> keys:
> http://www.techexcess.net/downloads/ir_remote_and_receiver_reference.htm
> It should be an USB Human Interface Device with keyboard/mouse behaviour.
> Unfortunately I couldn't still not find a lircd.conf file for it ...
> How can I create one with the information I can get with following
> command?
> # cat /dev/input/event3 > dummy
> Thanks a lot!
> Enrico
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It sounds like you're planning to use the devinput lirc driver.  In that
case, you probably want to use the lircd.conf here:

This worked great for me with my ATI USB Remote Wonder.  At first I tried
'irrecord -H dev/input -d /dev/input/event4 lircd.conf', but the
lircd.confthat generated always doubled up button presses.  Tweaking
it didn't help
that, so I went with the generic input layer lircd.conf and everything's
happy now.

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