[mythtv-users] RE: about transcoding and auto-transcoding

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 23:16:53 EST 2005

> I believe the "Hardware Encoder" profile in Myth is pointless in this
> regard, because the Hauppauge cards I'm using just dump the video straight
> out in it's native format, and myth is just dumping this to disk with no
> decoding required; hence pretty much no processor usage while recording.


> High Quality - I'd like any programmes recorded against this to go through
> ffmpeg purely to make the MPEG2 stream fully DVD compliant; I find the DVB-T
> files in raw format (ie. Rename .nuv to .mpg) don't play in your average
> browser. So Default means basically a run through transcode MPEG2->MPEG2 > to the appropriate DVD spec.

You can't do that - I've tried before and it you can't transcode MPEG2
to MPEG2. However, I think an alternative may be to set up a nuvexport
job to automatically run after recording which transcodes it into DVD
compliant MPEG2. However, I think you would then end up with 2 files -
the original + the transcoded one so it would use disk space.


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