[mythtv-users] First Impressions and Transcode Questions

Tim Milstead tim_milstead at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 2 09:11:43 EST 2005


I recently installed mythtv on Ubuntu using the default supplied apt-get 
debian packages.
I must say a huge thank you to Isaac for his hard work in producing such 
a fantastic piece of software.
Here are my initial thoughts and impressions followed by a (sigh) 
transcode (and other) question.


DVB-T Avermedia 771
AMD Sempron 64bit 2600
Ubuntu 32bit
NVidia FX5200

1. My wife is impressed, believe me this is praise in deed (she once 
described my commercially used special effects software with the words 
"Oooo speccy graphics". That's speccy as in Sinclair ZX Spectrum!
2. I was going to buy a freeview PVR but MythTV's extras like MP3 and 
photos won me over.
3. Program choosing is great - I love picking Movies off the list.
4. Watching a recording while making another works without a glitch.

Some suggestions (much easier making them then coding them), problems 
and questions.

1. It took a very long time to setup - not exactly plug and play 
although I'll be much quicker next time.
2. I had to hand edit the MySQL channels table (in phpmyadmin) to get 
the xmltv and channels to match up. I had to add the XML tv id's by hand 
a delete a load of null (serviceid) channels.
3. It would not automatically tune in all the channels without some 
numbers obtained from dvb tune.
4. EPG data using MHEG-5 from the DVB-T would be really really nice.
5. I don't seem to be able to slideshow photos from more than one 
directory - if I'm not doing something wrong it would be nice to have 
this feature.
6. Given the low resolution of my TV and the high resolution of my 
photos it would be nice to have an Apple screen saver style transform 
that slowly zooms in or out of a point in the photo while it's being shown.
7. I shoot panoramic photots - it would be nice to be able to pause and 
pan through these are just slowly scroll them.
8. Question: I sometimes miss the beginning and end of programs. I know 
I can fix this by adding time either side but this stops me correctly 
recording back to back programs on different channels since the extra 
causes and overlap clash. Can myth use the program guide to be more 
accurate. Is there an equivalent of PDC? I guess this relies on the TV 
companies being accurate which I doubt happens all the time. Yes, I use NTP.
9. Question: There appears to be no transcode always option in the 
settings. Am I missing something? Is the fact that I am using DVB-T mean 
that it is not available? Does transcode still leave it as nuppel video 
file (.nuv) but only change the internal codec? If I create my own job 
using nuvexport to transcode files will Mythtv still be able to find and 
play the transcoded file?
10. It would be nice to ditch mySQL and have a single all-in one xml 
config file for the backend (and one more for the front end). I know 
this would require loads and loads of work so I guess it is just a dream.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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