[mythtv-users] Re: yet another mythtv theme "RETRO"

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 2 12:35:27 EST 2005


There likely are issues with the copyright, but I
think that as long as you don't include the font with
the theme, you should be alright.  You're just
referencing the font by name, and if the font doesn't
exist, Qt will just substitute another font in place
of it.  After all, the Titivillius (sp?) uses
Trebuchet MS (which is a Windows font), and doesn't
include it - no problems there.

-- Joe

--- gerhard aldorf <gerhard at aldorf.no> wrote:

> -While the DirecTV signal is on the fritz because of
> -the pouring rain here, I decided to look into the
> font
> -issue myself.  I changed the font to Franklin
> Gothic
> -Medium, and it looks pretty good.  I think that the
> -program guide actually looks better in Franklin
> Gothic
> -than Trebuchet MS, but I suppose that's a personal
> -preference.
> -Regardless of the font used, the items in the main
> -menu are a bit small.  Perhaps in exchange for the
> -smaller text, you can put more items on the screen?
> -- Joe
> Thanks Joe
> I'll try out the Franklin Gothic font. Are there any
> copyright issues with the M$ fonts? As for the items
> in the main menu I may make them bigger. My intent
> is to keep it simple and dont put too many things
> there.
> Gerhard
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