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Thu Dec 1 23:41:43 EST 2005

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> If you're using Xv, then MAME on the PVR-350
> framebuffer is quite usable.  Of course, it depends
> on
> the game also.
> On my Athlon64 3200+, playing my favorite game,
> Mortal
> Kombat II, I could get about 50fps on a GeForce
> 5200FX.  The same scenario on my PVR-350 would get
> me
> about 40fps.
> The only catch that you might have is that part of
> the
> screen will be chopped off, unless you can play with
> the geometry settings or something.  I never really
> got to this part, since I switched back to the
> 5200FX.
> -- Joe
> How would you rate the performance of the 5200FX for
> video playback compared
> with the hardware decoder output of the PVR350?
> Marty
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Quality wise, there is no comparison, the 350 wins
hands down.  But, I didn't use the MPEG-2 decoder
because in order to adjust the volume on it, I had to
make an external script to adjust the volume on
line-in (and I lost the OSD for that).  Using Xv on
the 350 gives decent results also, but not quite as
good as the MPEG decoder.

Gees, now you're makihng me think that I want to start
using the PVR-350 output again...  I keep
flip-flopping on that.  :)

-- Joe

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