[mythtv-users]Help on implementing myth on multiple/various TV's

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Dec 1 20:39:28 EST 2005

Chad wrote:

>What about between the frontends and the backends, would that be
>necessary to also have the gigabit Ethernet there as well?  If not,
>I've seen some fairly cheap integrated boards that would probably be
>able to handle a frontend configuration (and might be cheaper in
100mbps should be fine.  If it is within your cost, I'd go gigabit if 
you are doing HD, at least on the backend, to give yourself the headroom 
with so many clients.

>>I would be concerned about fully loading 6 slots w/ PVR500's (assuming you
>>can find a good 6 slot MB, as they are increasingly hard to find).  Most MBs
>>start sharing IRQ's if you have anything more than three slots full.  Not to
>>say for certain that it wouldn't work, but you might want to be aware of
>>this possible risk.
>Excellent point, didn't think of that.  I'll be sure to watch for that.
While not running Myth, there are many articles I've seen online of 
people (SnapStream, MediaPortal) building 7-10 tuner systems on PVR-500 
or other combinations so the hardware certain is out there to handle this.


>Thanks, the cabling is in place, not a problem there.  I'd rather not
>go with the MVP at this point, from what I've read it's not quite what
>I would like it to be.  A full blown frontend is more likely what I'll
>go for, just hoping to find mega discounts on bulk buys.
Consider one thing, a full blown frontend can mainipulation scheduled 
programs at will.  These MediaMVP and other "mini-frontend" projects 
often lack those capabilities which can be an advantage for a shared 
system.  Nothing would be worse than someone wanting "their" program 
recorded over everyone else and messing the priorities.

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