[mythtv-users]Help on implementing myth on multiple/various TV's

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 20:20:35 EST 2005

On 12/1/05, Eric S <myth.meister at gmail.com> wrote:
> Chad -
> On RF Only Inputs - Video Composite to RF convertors are simple and cheap to
> buy at Radio Shack or the like . . . .

So hooking it up would be done using something like a Composite out
from the video, and a 3mm mini-stereo --> RCA converter cable, then
into the modulator.  Sounds doable.

Surprised I didn't think of those, my mom actually uses one on her
ancient TV :)  Thanks!

> Not sure if anyone has ever tired to scale Myth on the level you are
> talking, would be interesting.   Start with one Master Backend, make all
> other backend slaves.  Probably best to centralize all your storage.  With
> the number of tuners and possible live streams you are talking about you can
> use a Terabyte easy.  Think RAID 0, for speed, this is TV, you don't need
> redundant or rebuiladable, you need FAST.  A Gigabit Ethernet between each
> backend and the storage server(s) would be good.

What about between the frontends and the backends, would that be
necessary to also have the gigabit Ethernet there as well?  If not,
I've seen some fairly cheap integrated boards that would probably be
able to handle a frontend configuration (and might be cheaper in

> I would be concerned about fully loading 6 slots w/ PVR500's (assuming you
> can find a good 6 slot MB, as they are increasingly hard to find).  Most MBs
> start sharing IRQ's if you have anything more than three slots full.  Not to
> say for certain that it wouldn't work, but you might want to be aware of
> this possible risk.

Excellent point, didn't think of that.  I'll be sure to watch for that.

> The least expensive workable front-end I know of is the Hauppauge MediaMVP
> w/ MVPmc. (http://mvpmc.sourceforge.net) Not nearly as nice the standard
> Myth frontend, but allows viewing of recorded and live TV.  You can pick
> these up for probably $75 each, maybe less if making a bulk buy.  Hopefully
> you have Cat5(e) networking throughout the building already.

Thanks, the cabling is in place, not a problem there.  I'd rather not
go with the MVP at this point, from what I've read it's not quite what
I would like it to be.  A full blown frontend is more likely what I'll
go for, just hoping to find mega discounts on bulk buys.

> Forget HD, you would need $300-400 frontends to handle playback.  If there
> is a large HDTV or two in the facility maybe go for a combo slave backend/HD
> capable frontend box in that location only.

This is a great idea, a community room for HD viewing of select shows.
 Maybe a few of those series I mentioned earlier; certainly with the
option and abillty to have one in your own room should you want to
sport your own HD capable frontend.

> BTW, not sure what you are really up to, but in a dorm or apartment scenario
> this could be viewed as rebroadcast of copyrighted material, not to mention
> sharing cable subscription with potential customers, both of which could get
> you in very hot water depending on the scale of the fraud.
> _______________________________________________

Thanks for tip!  Actually, if anything, think of more like a community
of your family members and close friends, all living very close
together.  Something like a trailer park full of just people you know
and love.  If this ever becomes realized, I'd certainly make sure that
anyone receiving this would also have a concurrent subscription to
whatever programming source we offered.  It very likely wouldn't
become a legal issue at all.

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