[mythtv-users] yet another mythtv theme "RETRO"

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby2 at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 1 17:41:46 EST 2005

gerhard aldorf wrote:
> Hi
> Here is my attemped to create a theme for mythtv. This is just a start 
> and only the main theme.xml and most of the watermarks are done. Unpack 
> it  in your mythtv themes directory an give it a try. It should work 
> nicely with the isthmus OSD which I made some time ago. You can find it 
> at http://www.aldorf.no/mythtv/
> Constructive comments are welcomed.
> Gerhard
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Looks nice.. If I could say anything about it at all, it'd be that it's 
too blue for my taste.  And it looks like MCE (not that that's 
necessarily a bad thing).  Definitely one of the best looking themes 
I've seen.

Someone else will probably pick up on this too, but you'll no doubt need 
to add the theme changes for the schedule change menu brought about in 
SVN.  I'm going through the motions of installing an SVN build so I can 
fix my theme in that respect.

This isn't the place to mention it, but I noticed while I was playing 
with a theme idea, that it's not possible (yet) to have horizontal 
menus.  What I mean by that is: if you have a situation where you can't 
fit all the buttons on screen, you can't move left & right- it's limited 
to just up/down movements.  I looked at the code, and it might not be 
too hard to do (just had a _quick_ look mind), so maybe I'll look into 
doing a patch for it.

Anyhow.. Gerhard... nice job :-)


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