[mythtv-users] DCT-6200 Firewire issue

David Rudder drig at noses.org
Thu Dec 1 13:44:03 EST 2005

Unfortunately, my P2P connections are definitely not working correctly.  
I tried your advice and connected the firewire cable into the other node 
on the DCT box, but I still get nothing over broadcast, and the same 
problems with P2P.  There's a little history with my cable box.  The 
DCT-6412 is a DVR, which I don't need if I'm going to be using myth.  
They gave it to me in error.  So, I'll be bringing it back and getting a 
straight 6200 and seeing if that works any better.

Thanks for your help!

Steve Adeff wrote:

> some boxes uses p2p instead of broadband, some boxes have one port set 
> for p2p
>and one port set to broadband. the people that say to use bcast don't really 
>know what they're talking about. if you have the ability, then yes, use it, 
>if not, p2p is fine.
>the type of connection matters not, my box uses p2p without issue. I'm waiting 
>for a compatible firewire card arrive in the mail from newegg before I hook 
>it up to MythTV, but when testing with my laptop's built-in firewire I got 
>100% channel changes correct and no record issues with test-mpeg. I wrote a 
>script that would change the channel +1 run test-mpeg and if data was 
>received write the channel and "ok" in a text file. This was so I could 
>quickly figure out what channels were 5C'd for me, through the whole script I 
>didn't run into a channel change error. I then played around with it (in awe 
>that it actually worked of course) and again had no issues. all through p2p.

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