[mythtv-users] Gigabyte video card

Len Reed crunchyfrog at charter.net
Thu Dec 1 12:05:54 EST 2005

Matt Mossholder wrote:
>     I've run into this one before... the problem with your FX5200 may be 
> that the TV expects HDCP to be supported by the video card. My Panasonic 
> is that way... I just get black screens on a FX5200 while DVI out of the 
> cablebox works fine.
>      If so, you need to go pick up a 6000 series or 7000 series NVIDIA 
> card, which have HDCP support in the chipset.
>         --Matt

I don't doubt that this may be the case, but it sure seems pointless to 
me.  I fail to see how accepting non-HDCP input at a monitor or TV 
allows anyone to defeat copy protection.  (Refusing to accept HDCP 
input, conversely, will keep you from viewing sources that supply HDCP 
content.  And refusing to honor HDCP on a device that can record allows 
you to defeat copy protection.)  Insisting that the source be 
HDCP-capables seems like poor or lazy design.  For all I know, though, 
it may be common or universal in the new chipsets used by the TV 


> On Tue, 2005-11-29 at 14:09 -0500, Steve Adeff wrote:
>>On Monday 28 November 2005 23:53, Len Reed wrote:
>>> Steve Adeff wrote:
>>> > card should work fine. Looks similar to NVIDIA's reference design.
>>> > 1080i over DVI to an HDTV is hit or miss though.
>>> Hit or miss due to weird mismatch between card and HDTV, or do you just
>>> mean that some HDTVs don't support 1080i into DVI/HMDI but only into
>>> component video?
>>weird mismatch. My DCT6200 outputs 1080i to my TV's HDMI port perfectly, but I 
>>can't for the life of me get my FX5200 with interlaced output support to 
>>work. Go figure, cheap HDTV...
>>> I'm about to buy a Sony KDS-R60XBR1.  The spec sheet says it supports
>>> 1080i on component and on HDMI.  Is there any reason to think that an
>>> nVIDIA 6200 PCI-E card over a DVI-to-HDMI cable won't produce excellent
>>> results?  I'm talking about way too much money for anything short of
>>> excellent.
>>With a Sony I'd think it would work, but do a search to see if anyone else has 
>>any experience with it.
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