[mythtv-users] Re: Mythbackend losing sql connection on the start of some recordings

Scott Carr scarr at progbits.com
Thu Dec 1 02:18:17 EST 2005

I have been having this same problem for about 2 months now.  I have to 
restart MythBackend and everything works again for .5 day to 3 days, 
then next time you go to check scheduled programs, you get nothing.

It is not necassarily after a mythfilldatabase update, as I usually 
don't run mythfilldatabase everyday.   Sometimes waiting a week to run 
it, when I see the scheduled programs getting low.

I have tried using MythBackend in debug mode, but that doesn't appear to 
log anything that I found useful, no error messages, or anything.

If you find something please let us know.

Sasha Z wrote:

>Some more information, it can't access the scheduled recordings list,
>but it has no problems getting the recorded programs table. This is
>seriously strange, and I have no possible explanation.
>Someone... anyone... help?
>On 11/28/05, Sasha Z <kleptophobiac at gmail.com> wrote:
>>I seem to be losing the database connection before some recordings,
>>but not all. Mysql is *not* dying, and I am able to open and
>>manipulate the database via the mysql console without trouble.
>>Mythbackend itself isn't crashing either, it's just no longer able to
>>communicate with the database.
>>Mysql logs show no errors on that end, and I don't have to restart
>>mysqld to make things work. I _only_ have to restart mythbackend. I'm
>>running SVN from today. mysql is version 5.0.16. It happens rather
>>suspiciously on the first recording after a listings update... this is
>>Here's a snippet of the log when it dies:
>>2005-11-28 13:15:26.270 New DB connection, total: 5
>>Data for source cleared...
>>Main temp tables populated.  Updating myth channels...
>>Updating icons for sourceid: 1
>>Channels updated..  Updating programs...
>>Adjusting program database end times...
>>0 replacements made.
>>Marking generic episodes... found 794
>>Marking repeats... found 2100
>>Unmarking new episode rebroadcast repeats... found 11
>>Attempting to contact the master backend for rescheduling.
>>If the master is not running, rescheduling will happen when
>>the master backend is restarted.
>>2005-11-28 13:15:30.079 Connecting to backend server:
>>(try 1 of 5)
>>2005-11-28 13:15:30.097 Using protocol version 22
>>2005-11-28 13:15:30.108 adding: mythbe01 as a client (events: 0)
>>2005-11-28 13:15:30.150 Unknown socket closing
>>2005-11-28 14:29:41.783 TVRec(2): Changing from None to RecordingOnly
>>2005-11-28 14:29:41.784 Global TVFormat Setting 'NTSC'
>>2005-11-28 14:29:41.785 Channel(/dev/v4l/video1): SetFormat(Default)
>>fmt(NTSC) input(4)
>>2005-11-28 14:29:41.787 Channel(/dev/v4l/video1): SetFormat(Default)
>>fmt(NTSC) input(4)
>>2005-11-28 14:29:41.967 DB Error (KickDatabase):
>>Query was:
>>Driver error was [2/2006]:
>>QMYSQL3: Unable to execute query
>>Database error was:
>>MySQL server has gone away
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