[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au Syntax Error

Jeff_Logica jeff_logica at e-mailanywhere.com
Thu Dec 1 01:33:50 EST 2005

Firstly, sorry if this appears twice, my email client appears not to have
sent the first one.

I am trying to swap over to the immir version of tv_grab_au (version 1.44)
but am having problems getting it to run.

When running if from a command line I get the following error message:

./tv_grab_au --configure
syntax error at ./tv_grab_au line 123, near "XMLTV::Config_:"
BEGIN not safe after errors--compilation aborted at ./tv_grab_au line 130.

I believe that XMLTV::Config_file is correctly installed.  I am running
Gentoo 64, I did have trouble with the emerge XMLTV, (it didn't appear to
have ProgressBar included which was needed by the other tv grabber I have
been using (onlinetractorparts one)) so I manually
downloaded/compiled/installed it.

Any help as to why this is failing appreciated.


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