[mythtv-users] Uncool surprise... coming back from vacation, shows not recorded.

Jeff Simpson llcooljeff at gmail.com
Thu Dec 1 00:45:19 EST 2005

> o  No video.  For example, one of the local PBS affiliates
>    -frequently- airs totally black video in place of a show.  (This
>    probably happens once a month, usually in the dead of night when
>    nobody at the station is awake.)  They'll air the promo, then cut
>    to black, and then at the end of the hour, the next promo...  So
>    there's sync, the card's working, etc, but there's no -content-.
> o  Crappy, unwatchable video (half-destroyed by static, etc).
>    This is typically because the studio feed crapped out somehow.
>    I've sometimes seen shows slowly degrade from fine to total snow
>    over the course of half an hour.  Discovery Channel seems particularly
>    prone to this sort of failure, at least here.
> o  No audio.  I've seen this in ivtv (working w/Hans to track it down
>    in my case), and sometimes the station blows it, too.

Add in the zero length file problem. Problems with the card and/or driver
that occur,
causing nothing to be recorded at all (not a blank video, just no video at
all). Possibly
also failed channel change, but that is hard to detect.

Maybe have it handle when the recording is significantly different in length
than expected?
in time and/or filesize. My recordings are always 1.1gig/hour, almost
exactly, so if a file rings
in at 800mb for an hour, something is wrong. Also, recording length. If the
backend screws up,
a half hour recording could start late or cut off early, making say a 17
minute file instead of 30.
Those should be re-recorded, I would think.

Another mistake that might be tough to find is a schedule discrepancy. This
sunday, for example,
the football game ran long and Family Guy failed to record (combined with my
idea of "hey, I'll tell it not
to record and instead just tune to it live and pause, and come back for
it....only to find out that the next
recording it tried to do bumped me out of live tv with no way to recover
that buffer).
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