[mythtv-users] International configuration

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 02:14:18 UTC 2005

On 8/31/05, James Howison <james at freelancepropaganda.com> wrote:
> Here's what I want to do, at least in the medium term.  I'd
> appreciate any guidance as to possibility/resources/experiences.
> Say I have a box here in the states and a box in australia.  I'd like
> to run encoders on both and frontends in both places.  I'd like both
> frontends to have the ability to schedule recordings on either end.
> (ie I'd like to schedule a recording on the australian backend from
> the states).  I think that should be possible, perhaps by adding
> another source into each backend.
> However I want these recordings to be pretty good quality, so I don't
> expect to watch them in the states streaming off the backend in
> australia (just not enough bandwidth).  Rather I'd like the system to
> know which end had scheduled the recording and to move that recording
> to the end that wanted it.
> Something like this (== is Lan, -- is internet link):
> US Frontend <==> US Backend <---//---> Aus Backend <===> Aus Frontend
>                        |                    |
>                     US Cable          Aus Digital TV
> US Frontend speaks to US Backend, accessing a source which lists Aus
> programming, and schedules a recording.  US Backend then instructs
> Aus Backend to do the taping and once it is finished to transfer the
> recording automatically into the US Backend's Media Library (and
> possibly store it in the Aus Backend with low priority).  US Frontend
> then watches it in streaming glory in the States.  And, of course,
> vice versa.
> It would be possible for the US frontend to talk directly to the Aus
> backend but then one would have to have a way of telling the Aus
> backend where to put the recording ...
> Live TV is also desirable but secondary, probably transcoded to
> something suitably low bandwidth for previewing and peeking.
> Is anyone doing something similar?  Is this currently possible with
> Myth?  I guess all it really needs is a "post-record/transcode" hook
> to tell the encoding end to transfer the file and a way to let the
> requesting end know that the program is in the library.
> Then I can watch me cricket, mate. And who could blame me for that?

_Probably_ easier with 2 separate machines, each running MythstreamTV
so you can access either from anywhere. If using a transcode script,
you could automate the file transfer as the final command.


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