[mythtv-users] International configuration

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Aug 31 13:09:26 UTC 2005

James Howison wrote:

> Here's what I want to do, at least in the medium term.  I'd  
> appreciate any guidance as to possibility/resources/experiences.
> Say I have a box here in the states and a box in australia.  I'd like  
> to run encoders on both and frontends in both places.  I'd like both  
> frontends to have the ability to schedule recordings on either end.   
> (ie I'd like to schedule a recording on the australian backend from  
> the states).  I think that should be possible, perhaps by adding  
> another source into each backend.
> However I want these recordings to be pretty good quality, so I don't  
> expect to watch them in the states streaming off the backend in  
> australia (just not enough bandwidth).  Rather I'd like the system to  
> know which end had scheduled the recording and to move that recording  
> to the end that wanted it.
> Something like this (== is Lan, -- is internet link):
> US Frontend <==> US Backend <---//---> Aus Backend <===> Aus Frontend
>                       |                    |
>                    US Cable          Aus Digital TV
> US Frontend speaks to US Backend, accessing a source which lists Aus  
> programming, and schedules a recording.  US Backend then instructs  
> Aus Backend to do the taping and once it is finished to transfer the  
> recording automatically into the US Backend's Media Library (and  
> possibly store it in the Aus Backend with low priority).  US Frontend  
> then watches it in streaming glory in the States.  And, of course,  
> vice versa.
> It would be possible for the US frontend to talk directly to the Aus  
> backend but then one would have to have a way of telling the Aus  
> backend where to put the recording ...
> Live TV is also desirable but secondary, probably transcoded to  
> something suitably low bandwidth for previewing and peeking.
> Is anyone doing something similar?  Is this currently possible with  
> Myth?  I guess all it really needs is a "post-record/transcode" hook  
> to tell the encoding end to transfer the file and a way to let the  
> requesting end know that the program is in the library.
> Then I can watch me cricket, mate. And who could blame me for that?
What I had considered doing between me and another system similar to 
this.  I planned on having one of the sites be the master backend with 
the SQL database.  The other would be a slave.  In my case, I had no 
need for a remote frontend so I had considered a simple post-recording 
job that would rsync the file over SSH to the master backend and then 
update that host field in the recorded database so that it would appear 
local to the master backend now such that the local frontend could play 
it.  This is certainly complicated by your use of frontends at both 
locations.  In your case, I would consider using nuvexport to simple 
dump the file from either backend (it generates the SQL statements 
needed to import it) and then rsync the file over SSH to the other 
backend and import it.  It would be best in this scenario for each 
backend to be separate which would make scheduling a little more complex 
as you couldn't do it from either frontend but it could easiliy be done 
with mythweb.


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