[mythtv-users] mythtranscode and nuvexport (memory usage and swapping)

Steve Elzinga steven_elzinga at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 29 23:19:48 UTC 2005

--- Chris Petersen <lists at forevermore.net> wrote:

> > I ran into similar issues with nuvexport.  What I
> have
> > done (which seems to work just fine) is to cut
> > commercials out with this program:
> If you're hitting swap, then one of the nuvexport
> calls is broken and 
> the fifo is getting disconnected (audio or video),
> which causes 
> mythtranscode to continue to write to the fifo
> (which is cached in RAM).
> >
> Which program?  commercial_cut or avidemux?  afaik,
> avidemux is the ONLY 
> program capable of cutting mpeg files at places
> other than the GOP 
> (necessary for cutting commercials, which may or may
> not fall on a GOP 
> edge) without reencoding everything.

commercial_cut which I am pretty sure is not a GOP

> > I then transcode with mencoder which seems to do
> well
> > with the HD stream contained inside Myth's nuv
> > container.
> Once and for all, please learn that THERE ARE NO HD
> nupplevideo files 
> from myth, unless you use mythtranscode to convert
> them to mpeg4.  If 
> you record HD, what you see called .nuv is really an
> mpeg2 TS (or PS, 
> depending on settings) file.  Only thing that makes
> it not look like an 
> mpeg is the fact that the filename says .nuv instead
> of .mpg.  Same goes 
> for files recorded from pvr-x50 cards.  They're
> *not* nupplevideo, but 
> standard mpeg recordings in standard mpeg
> containers.

Sorry all my mistake about the container comment.


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