[mythtv-users] Image/schematic of wiring?

Tom E. Craddock Jr. sigtom at sigtom.com
Mon Aug 29 09:36:21 UTC 2005

Blake wrote:

>        What actually concerns me--and what I haven't been able to 
> find  anywhwere--is the actual connecting of the box to the TV. Or 
> rather (since  I should just be able to hook up the s-cable from the 
> GeForce out to the  TV, right?), the cable (input) to the MythTV box.
>     I have a cable connected to a digital/HD cable box connected to an 
> HDTV.  On O'Reilly's site, I found this:
> http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/a/oreilly/digitalmedia/2005/06/22/myth_tv.html 
> There isn't a good way to work "natively" with digital cable. The 
> least  unattractive option is to use a set-top box for decryption and 
> feed the  video stream to a capture card. At this point, though, the 
> only capture  cards you can buy are standard definition. You'll also 
> need to use an IR  blaster to send channel changing commands to the 
> set-top box.
>     This tells me I'm right be concerned about the actual wiring.
>     Ideas?
>     ===Blake===
Well that depends, what do you want to record?  Shows in digi cable? HD 
shows from your cable box? OTA HD shows? Shows on regular cable (not 
needing a cable box)? 

To record digi cable and/or HD shows from your cable box, you can 
request a cable box with firewire output, search this list for more info 
on this, its been covered extensively.  Depending on what channels your 
cable co lets thru on the firewire, it may be all you need, cutting out 
a capture card completely.  If they arent that generous on the amount of 
channels comming in over firewire, then yeah youll need a cap card, and 
svid is about as good as it gets...and yes youll need an ir blaster to 
control the cable box to change channels etc.  For OTA HD shows, you can 
get a few cards, the pchdtv3000 and air2pc being 2 of them, I use both 
with no problems, and just hook up an antenna and see what channels you 
get OTA.  If its just shows on regular cable (below channel 125) then 
you can just a cap card that has coax input and hook it up to the cap 
card, itll tune up to channel 125 on most cards, altho my experience has 
been cable cos usually dont go above 80-90 with analog cable.  Hope this 
helps some.


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