[mythtv-users] Gentoo + Mythtv + Fusion Plus HDTV + Nvidia

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby2 at ntlworld.com
Fri Aug 26 15:07:05 UTC 2005

Kevin Saenz wrote:

> edit rules for udev? what do you mean?
> Thanks

For some reason unknown to me, the udev er.. thingy that creates the 
devices tree under /dev doesn't quite work properly for dvb devices.  In 
kernel 2.6.10 I still used devfs, but I took the plunge & did away with 
the deprecated system (not sure I had a choice exactly).

I had the same problem you're having when I built a new system to 
upgrade the backend using kernel 2.6.12.whatever

I searched on google for ages & saw something about the udev rules.  I 
had a look at the rules config file & saw pretty scary stuff (to my eyes 

It was then I tried coldplug & hotplug.  I'm not sure hotplug made a 
difference, but you can try it.  Here's the result of me doing
rc-update -s  (with the non-running services deleted to save space).

            alsasound |      default
              apache2 |      default
             bootmisc | boot
              checkfs | boot
            checkroot | boot
                clock | boot
             coldplug |      default
          consolefont | boot
                 dhcp |      default
           domainname |      default
                 famd |      default
            fetchmail |
             hostname | boot
              hotplug |      default
             in.tftpd |      default
              keymaps | boot
                local |      default nonetwork
           localmount | boot
              metalog |      default
              modules | boot
                mysql |      default
          mythbackend |      default
             net.eth0 |      default
               net.lo | boot
             netmount |      default
           ntp-client |      default
                 ntpd |      default
            rmnologin | boot
                samba |      default
             sendmail |
               serial | boot
                 sshd |      default
              urandom | boot
           vixie-cron |      default
               webmin |      default
                  xdm |      default

This is from using a stage3 install mind you...

Oh - and check that the kernel modules for the DVB card are being loaded 
at boot time (i.e. that they're in /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6) 
BEFORE mythbackend starts up - that can cause problems too.

What I always recommend you do is get the hardware working and verify 
it's working BEFORE even going into mythtv.  That way you know which is 
to blame (and it's never myth).


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