[mythtv-users] ATI Tv Wonder Pro

Todd Bailey toddb at toddbailey.net
Fri Aug 26 02:53:33 UTC 2005

I think you hit it the nail on the squarely on the head with your response 
that I want something known to work sooner rather than at some point in the 
For me Time is an issue.  I neither have the time nor the desire to design 
and build a pre-alpha stage driver for a product that's already a challenge. 
Unlike some I have interests that extend beyond m*tv. While, I like to tweak 
code from time to time, I need a product that I can install and actually 
use. Besides I get enough dev work at work.  When I come home I like to 
distance myself.  However, I do have a few modifications planned. But 
nothing too dramatic.

Note: I've spent months on this "weekend project" before I was able to get 
myth installed and running in a pseudo-stable manner. And that was with 
vendor supported products. Steep learning curve ? You bet. Would I do it 
again, Hell NO!

There is nothing wrong with wanting to write a driver for some product,  but 
I hope you understand that it's not as simple as it sounds, and since you 
can't expect ATI to offer any assistance, all I can say is good luck and let 
me know how you are doing in say 6 months or so.

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> Well, at least this time my question got a response. :)
> I'll keep hacking away at it until I figure it out. I know what you are 
> saying Todd but some people enjoy the process of figuring something out. I 
> have recommended he get a hauppauge if he is in a hurry and wants it 
> working quickly or just wait and we will figure it out.
> So thanks for the responses sometimes just typing an email and sending it 
> the list helps a person think. I remember that I did have it working once 
> before without all the dvb stuff so I can remove that as a problem. I am 
> leaning toward it being an ivtv driver issue, I'll try various ones until 
> I find one that works, I think it was 100zz that it was working with 
> before.
> Thanks again,
> Jon
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