[mythtv-users] 350 Tv Out vs. Nvidia 5200

Claude Gélinas agr. claude at phyto.qc.ca
Wed Aug 24 01:45:15 UTC 2005

Le mardi 23 août 2005 à 08:25 -0400, Brian Stults a écrit :
> Mark Gardner wrote:
> > Can anyone comment on the quality comparison between the two
> > abovementioned chipsets?
> > 
> > Advantages / Disadvantages, I have a 350 and have struggled on and off
> > now for about 5 months to get it to work (Got it to work once but then
> > the HD died).
> > Mostly interested in quality of TV playback.
> > 
> Initially I was using the 350 TV-out.  However, it wasn't playing DVDs
> very well, so I switched to an MX440 about a year ago.  I used that for
> about 8 months and was reasonably happy, but the TV quality was nowhere
> near that of the 350.
> Having read that people were quite pleased with the FX5200, I bought one
> about 4 months ago.  It was a step up from the MX440 in TV quality, and
> DVDs still played very well.
> About a month after that, John Harvey released his XV driver for the
> 350's decoder, so I decided to give it a try.

How do you setup the Xv driver for the 350. I use it for tv out but have
problem with it for dvd playing. cpu goes up to 45% usage on a x64 amd
3200+ and I have many frame dropping.

>   Well, now I'm right back
> where I started - using the 350's TV-out.  TV playback is still far
> superior to the MX440 and FX5200.  It's flawless.  Perhaps even better
> quality than going straight from my cable box.  Now, DVD playing is much
> better than it used to be, and I would say it is equal to the quality I
> was getting with my FX5200.  I can't remember for sure what my CPU usage
> is when watching DVDs, but I think it was lower than with the FX5200.
> Of course, just watching TV on it takes virtually no CPU.  Using the
> latest 0.3.x drivers, I haven't had any stability problems.
> The PVR350 TV-out has come a long way in the past few months, so I
> encourage anyone who gave up on it to give it another try.
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