[mythtv-users] 350 Tv Out vs. Nvidia 5200

Erik Pettersen pettersen at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 13:39:54 UTC 2005

Well, that might be so... and that's not promising to me considering I
wanted to keep the pvr350 in the via epia m10k mini-itx box.

Again on the windows side of things (forgive me, I have sinned), the
community tried to isolate the issue. At first it was intel chipsets
that it didn't work on, then it was via... then it was a heat issue,
then some claimed it was the ui, other says it would crash without the
ui, If you stood on one leg and faced NW and patted your head it would
stay rock solid, but if you moved it would crash.  Ironically one
thing that made it more stable, was to concurrently have "local"
playback via software decoding (which defeats the advantage of using a
pvr350 on a slower system like a m10k) while using the hardware
decoder... for some reason the "touch" of the concurrent software
decoding helped in some instances with EOF lock up and overall
stability. *shrug*

I guess my point, besides dragging the o.p. thread further out to
drift (sorry!) is that I doubt it's any one thing... more that it's a
combination of the driver itself and the way one forces a ui
over/through the  mpeg decoder... at least that's my feeling.

And again, maybe everything is roses using IVTV and linux and I should
shut my pie hole and setup a test box and find out first hand =P

On 8/23/05, David <myth at dgreaves.com> wrote:
> I think one of the main PVR350 stability issues is the chipset.
> It doesn't get on with VIA chipsets IIRC.
> Cerainly I've had zero issues since I bought a Dell SC420 (with Intel
> chipset) and used that as my backend.
> David
> Erik Pettersen wrote:
> >Forgive the slight threadjack, but...
> >
> >Does the PVR350 suffer the same EOF lockups in mythtv/linux that
> >happen in the windows world?

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