[mythtv-users] On screen display

David myth at dgreaves.com
Mon Aug 22 12:25:59 UTC 2005

Marty Ravell wrote:

> My Myth setup is running fabulously well. WAF is high and our TV
> viewing habits have been completely changed.
> A niggling little problem is however defying my attempts to fix. When
> I am watching ‘live’ TV (not often now as we mainly watch recorded
> programs) and hit the menu button I get the seven options (Program
> Guide, something Browse Mode etc) of the semi-transparent menu up on
> the screen. Trouble is that they are positioned so that the left hand
> side of this menu is off the left hand side of the screen. i.e. I see
> ‘ogram Giude’ where the ‘Pr and half the ‘o’ (of Program Guide) are to
> the left off the viewable area.
> I’ve tried messing around with various settings under the Setup menu
> but don’t seem to be able to find anything that makes any difference.
> The rig is using the TV Out of a PVR 350 with the drivers as per AT
> RPM’s and Jarod’s guide.
> Do I need to be messing with modelines or something like that?
> I don’t think that I am missing actual TV picture off to the left hand
> side but cannot be entirely sure.
> I’ve tired setting and un-setting the ‘Use GUI size for TV playback’
> under Settings -> Apearance but this doesn’t seem to have any effect.
> Changing the GUI size itself seems to just work on the Myth GUI (I’m
> assuming that the TV Out of the PVR is a completely separate video
> mode of some sort.)
> Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
IIRC there was discussio of an option in the ivtv X driver to restrict
the 'view' onto the framebuffer display or something. This essentially
gave X a screen that was smaller than the framebuffer but fitted onto
the non-overscanned part of the display.

Try the ivtv lists.

This approach won't work with nvidia. I think Myth would need to put the
OSD into a bounding box. Of course *that* would work for both nvidia and
It would be nice to have an xv 'window' that was bigger than the osd
'window' so the video can extend past the visible boundary and into the
overscan whilst the osd is fully on screen.
I have the xv window/overscan set so the video touches the edges but
this leaves small black bars where there's no overscan and the
adjustment isn't as flexible as a monitor (nvidia's driver has no h/v
shift or h/v scale - just 'bigger' or 'smaller')


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