[mythtv-users] How do I get decent quality SVideo output? (Using PVR-150 and Geforce4 MX)

David Peeters dpeeters at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 21:40:47 UTC 2005

I've been having alot of trouble getting decent picture quality output
from my mythtv box to my TV.

I'm using KnoppMyth.

I have a PVR-150 non-mce, and Geforce 4MX 420

I have the S-Video out of my Dish Network box connected to the S-Video
in on my PVR-150.  Then an S-Video out from the Geforce goes to the
TV. (the picture looks fine with going straight from the Dish Network
box to the TV.  The picture looks fantastic when I play a DVD in my
Mythtv box).

I'm using IVTV version 0.3.7h, and NVidia driver version 7174. 

I'm using the XF86Config-4.nvidia-tvout.sample.

I have all my capture and transcoding resolutions set to 720x480.

Recording bitrate is set at 6600 with 8800 max

I have the Bob de-interlacing set.

The picture on the TV looks like i'm watching a overly compressed
video on my computer.  there is blockiness and streaking.

I've tried the denoise3d filter and the result was no better.

are there settings that I should be using or different drivers that
will improve my quality?

I'll gladly provide any other required information.

Thanks for any help!

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