[mythtv-users] Live TV

Dewey Smolka dsmolka at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 15:25:10 UTC 2005

SIP is the Session Initiation Protocol used for VoIP by Mythphone. If
you don't have Mythphone configured, you'll get this message. Ignore
it, it doesn't matter.

I don't know what the problem with TV viewing is, but SIP most
definitely has nothing to do with it.

Start by double checking everything -- is the card capture card
installed properly? Can you get a test recoding from the command line
-- even a recording of snow will be helpful in this case. Is the card
properly set up on the backend? Is the right input set -- on a PVR
250, for example, possible inputs are (IIRC) Composite 0-3, S-video
0-3, and Tuner 0.

You may also need to tweak modules.conf. IIRC, a PVR is tuner type =
39, for example. I have no idea what specific settings need to be made
for a DVB card, but there has been plenty of conversation here on the

It's hard to give you an easy solution without knowing more specifics,
but hopefully this will give you a starting point. Search this list
for specifics on your card and for info about modules.conf.

Good luck.

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