[mythtv-users] Playing old bt8x8 recordings now I've upgraded to DVB and SPDIF sound

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 05:56:05 UTC 2005

> I had actually used this originally and then found that everything
> worked without a .asoundrc file - or so I thought! I hadn't actually
> tried those old recordings. Anyway, I've now put the .asoundrc file
> back and set the audio output device to ALSA:mixed-digital (which I
> think may just be an alias to ALSA:spdif which is what I had before).
> Now it does play the old recordings as well as the new ones, BUT I now
> can't play MP3s in Myth Music any more :( That seems strange because
> in the .asoundrc it says mixed-digital can play any rate as it
> converts it to 48kHz.

Ooops - sorry folks. I've now found the Music Settings screen where if
I put in ALSA:mixed-digital music now works.

Sorry about that!


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