[mythtv-users] Font Size too Big

Alan Anderson andersonas at adelphia.net
Fri Aug 19 21:56:23 UTC 2005


I had the same issue with fonts being clipped and lines not being word 
wrapped.  This was under all themes that I tried, after a upgrade to FC3 and 
Mythtv .18.  I selected the tiny font under setup and this took care of most 
of the issues.  But myth weather was still clipping some fonts like the 
temperature and the next day forcast was not word wrapping.  

I am using the Nuvola theme.  It did not have a weather-ui.xml file so I 
borrowed the file from the Titivillus theme and edited it to reduce the font 
sizes until the clipping stopped and once the font was small enough word 
wrapping started to occur again.   The tiny font setting didn't appear to 
work for Myth weather, and it looked like it was picking up some default  
font size setting from somewhere.  So adding the weather-ui.xml file appeared 
to override these defaults.   I dont know if this will work for other themes 
but it worked ok on the Nuvola theme.

Hope it helps
Alan Anderson


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