[mythtv-users] OT: NFS - Anyone seen a problem like this

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Fri Aug 19 14:49:57 UTC 2005

Could be due to networking problems in general. Have you checked you port speed and duplex settings to ensure they're compatible with your switch/hub? Auto/Auto is often a PITA (dependent on hardware), I usually force all my equipment to 100/Full... but I also have a good quality switch that defaults to 100/Full.

Otherwise, you could try to add the options "soft,bg" to the mount point. That should background reconnect NFS mounts if they become disconnected. Might help.

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I realize that this question doesn't have much at all to do with
Myth proper, but when it occurs it's always when I'm watching a

The problem is the playback will freeze.  There is no response
from the keyboard or mouse.  If I switch to a different VT, top
show's a pretty much idle processor.  Since I can't get out of
playback, I kill off mythfrontend, but still no response.  Finally,
I killed off everything on VT7 (X) and I eventually got a login
prompt on it.

Login works but hangs when bringing up network services.  Finally,
I unmount the NFS video share and remount then everything starts
working again.

My set up is backend running FC2 on AMD 3200++.  Frontend running
FC2 on P3 733Mhz.  Both using Myth 0.17.

I don't really think this problem has anything to do with Myth.  I
was wondering if anyone else has ever seen a problem like this with
NFS.  Is there an NFS option I could try that might help.  One
other note, I don't have to do anything to the backend machine to
make playback work again.

Anyway, thanks for any thoughts anyone may have on the subject.

Michael J. Lynch

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