[mythtv-users] RE : LCDproc and MythTV

Mat Kyne matkyne at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 19 14:46:30 UTC 2005

>0)      Do you have anything on the screen in linux?
>                  - lines or dots...
>                  - Do you get the LCDproc             Screen
>                                  0 Clients 0 screens
>                  If not, your not connecting (LCDd + Display)
>Just some thoughts
>1)      Which distro.... I'm running on FC4 which requires some file copies
>                          - LCDd.conf --> /etc/LCDd.conf
>                          + the init.d files
>2)      When you do  LCDd -h do you see the HD44780 driver as being 
>                  - LCDproc installed in usr/local/....
>                      - Had to compile directly the driver
>3)      If you get garbled display ... Play with the cable, my printerport
>is not powerful
>          enough and had to be set properly.
>          Is printer port turned on? (Mine wasn't the first time)
>4)      Did you edit LCDd.conf (Specifically the hd44780 section)
>                  - Connection type: Winamp
>                  - This was done by trial and error for me.
>5)      Did you set mythtv then reboot.
>          Mike G.

Thanks for yourt help. I was compiling in the wrong directory, I also
changed the settings to winamp wiring and then copied the LCDd.conf file to
/etc/. I also changed the user from nobody to mythtv. I started the program
and my VFD lit up. I got to see the "servers=0 screens=0" screen, so I
started MythTV, and it started showing the proper info. "Woo-Hoo! -- I woke
up my wife." Well after that I rebooted the system and while it was powering
down, I got the message "Thanks for using LCDproc and Linux!" but that
screen survived the reboot and LCDproc didn't start when the system came
back up. How do I get it to start up automaticaly? -Mat

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