[mythtv-users] Is this any good for mythtv?

Marshall Crocker marshall at iconux.org
Fri Aug 19 14:21:22 UTC 2005

What about the Pundit-AE3 or the Pundit PE-3: 

I think these systems are a little bigger than the -R but you get 3 
slots  (2 pci and 1 agp on the -AE3) and two hard drive bays.  There's 
no on board tv-out but with the agp slot you can put a Geforce 4 or 
other video card that has better tv-out.

I haven't seen anything on these lists about these systems (haven't 
really looked though) but they look like a better choice than the -R.


Chris Martin wrote:

>I don't know if you are planning to use the Tv out on the Pundit-R,
>but I've never been satisfied with mine (I'm currently using the
>output from my PVR 350 which works far better).
>The main problem is that all motion looks blurred, unless bob
>deinterlacing is turned on.  Unfortunatley bob deinterlacing requires
>Open GL VSync, unless you are happy with the picture degrading after a
>few minutes of watching.  As far as I'm aware the linux drivers
>provided by ATi for the Pundit-R do not support Open GL as of yet.
>The other problem is that I can't get the image produced by the
>Pundit-R to fill my 4:3 Tv in the vertical direction.  This means that
>when I'm watching a widescreen
>source I have two sets of black bars, one from the graphics card and
>another from the source.  The result is I only around 60% of the
>screen contains a picture.
>It is possible that I've got this wrong and there's something else
>that I need to look into, but I've been playing around since January
>and haven't found a solution yet.  Apart from that I think the
>Pundit-R is a great machine for the price, it's quiet (although by no
>means silent), looks good and has a good range of outputs.  As others
>have said, putting a cpture card in there is a tight fit, but I've
>managed to get two in mine albeit with a moderate amount of case
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