[mythtv-users] Directed Speech

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Thu Aug 18 21:17:09 UTC 2005

David Ellis wrote:

> Okay some background, I’m an Asterisk Geek – I run both MythTV and 
> Asterisk on the same (very beefy) server.
> I recently configured Sphinx2 to provide voice recognition to 
> Asterisk. A caller gets a prompt, says the name of the person they 
> want to talk too, and voila it dials. Simple elegant – functional.
> So it got me to thinking – could I do something similar with 
> MythTV…….namely provide a directional microphone to capture wav files 
> on demand – process them thru Sphinx and use that to change channels 
> etc. Picture being able to say “CNN” or “Channel 45” and have it 
> change channels. I’d probably have to preference the command with a 
> code word (Say “Command Mode” “Command Mode Off”, or some such to 
> eliminate the TV changing on its own.
> So after that long preamble – I’m pretty sure I can configure this 
> (Sphinx just takes Wav files, and I already have a PERL script that 
> returns TXT based on a wav file), but before I jump in too deep – has 
> anyone else done anything like this?

Hey man, that's about as slick as it gets. I'm an Asterisk fan too. I run it
on my file server which is connected to mythtv via 100BaseTX and NFS.
I used to use Asterisk for voicemail and VoIP a lot, but since I bought a
cell phone I really only use it for faxing, and callerid display in MythTV.

Honestly, I didn't know voice recognition existed in Open Source yet.
Now all we need is to combine it with OpenVXI and we'll have a full
featured OSS VoiceXML solution:

One suggestion: Hack up lirc to take voice input and map it to key presses.
That way you'll already have lots of application support (mythtv, xine, etc)
and an established API.

Good luck!

Jesse Guardiani
Programmer/Sys Admin
jesse at wingnet.net

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