[mythtv-users] HELP Ati remote wonder on FC3

Graham Dunn graham.dunn at leitch.com
Thu Aug 18 14:07:16 UTC 2005

Jack Trout wrote:

>/etc/lircd.conf is the first remote desc from lircd.conf.atiusb with
>the remote code 5000023600, althought I have gotten to this point and
>used the whole original file
>After all this looks good I try to run lircd and start the test with
>irw and some button presses, but this is all I get
>[root at mythfe1 ~]# lircd -d /dev/lirc0 --nodaemon &
>[1] 4216
>[root at mythfe1 ~]# lircd-0.7.2[4216]: lircd(any) ready
>[root at mythfe1 ~]# irw
>lircd-0.7.2[4216]: accepted new client on /dev/lircd
>[button presses happen here, but no sign that the the computer
>recieves it, the Recievers LED is on and solid, and the remotes led
>blinks when ever a key is pressed] is there anything that seems
>I do notice that regardless of it I have the lirc_atiusb line that
>dmesg still comments about installing an x10 wireless reciever, and
>lirc0 is still there, I am begining to wonder if recompiling the
>kernel module ati_remote to have better key bindings is going to be
>easier than setting up lirc, and I hate compiling, let alone editing
>kernel module files
I only could get things to work properly by getting the lirc source for 
0.7.2, and then running ./setup.sh contained within, choosing the 
USB->ATI type I and II selection. make && make install, then ensure 
you're running the new lircd (it should say ircd(atiusb) ready) in your 
log file.

I'm also wondering about your testing methodology... you're placing 
lircd into the background, but running it with the --nodaemon flag.

Perhaps you might just run the --nodaemon instance, and then switch to 
another teminal to run irw.


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