[mythtv-users] New MythDora v1.4

Dennis Hand 4hands at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 17 22:49:23 UTC 2005

> Uh no, this is not a typical error. I've never had or seen this one
> before. How did
> you install, Custom or Auto? Was this from HTTP or Bittorent?

> Bittorrent download, MD5's check out
> I did the automatic graphical install on the following hardware:

> Nforce 2 chipset;
> Nvidia FX5200 AGP card;
> 512MB Ram;
> 120GB HDD;
> 2 x PVR250 Cards;

> I am trying again to see if a different installation method helps.
> Strange thing, when the installer first starts, it assumes an NFS
> installation, timesout trying to contact then allows a change
> installation method to CDRom etc....
> After this, it complains about a missing package "interactive"...

> Strange..

> Cheers,

> Pete.

Yes very strange. Try and install with the custom graphical instead
and see if you get any further. This will look just like any Fedora
Core install. When you get to the package list, uncheck EVERYTHING
and then pick and choose what you would like to install.


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