[mythtv-users] HowTo fix broken MPEG2 recording with ProjectX?

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Wed Aug 17 10:49:52 UTC 2005

>> Do not touch the MPEG file before you pass it to ProjectX as this is
> I didn't. Original .nuv is OK. After demuxing this with ProjectX default 
> settings and muxing again with mplex, audio is off sync.
 	I don't know that I've heard of anyone with sync problems with 
ProjectX.  Have you made sure the original doesn't have troubles before 

 	Also, you may try the non-demux option of ProjectX.  I think they 
call it "M2P" for MPEG2 Program Stream.  Is it an ivtv stream?  Just 
making sure it's not DVB.

>> likely to introduce further problems. You can use ProjectX to also
>> make cuts (I personally use a program called Cuttermaran to do
> I tried, but the video editor is higly unstable.
 	I dislike Java almost as much as I despise perl.  To be fair, 
though, I haven't had any stability issues with ProjectX.  I installed the 
J2RE straight from Sun, though... no rpms or anything.

>> On another issue, how did the file get distorted in the first place?
> Apparantly, the signal was lost a few times during the recording. 
> Fortunately, mostly (or even only) during the commercials.
 	That's usually what causes it.  Tape transfers seem particularly 
bad, since VHS/8MM are generally pretty awful about TBC... TVs are pretty 



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