[mythtv-users] Channels on multiple video sources

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Aug 17 06:17:27 UTC 2005

Steve Hodge wrote:
> Is there any way to specify that a particular channel appears on
> multiple video sources? Or alternatively that more than one video
> source are available on a particular capture card input?
> I have a dual tuner setup capable of recording the local satelite TV
> transmissions and FTA broadcasts. The satelite transmission also
> includes most of the FTA channels so I can record these through both
> inputs (which is handy for recording two things at once). Currently I
> have those channels duplicated so they appear twice in the EPG and I
> have to pick which one I want to record from. What I'd like is for
> those channels to appear only once and for MythTV to use which input
> is spare when recording from them (favouring the satelite source as
> that's better quality).

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Been covered many times in the archives and
even earlier this week. Two channels with the same callsign are
considered the same station. If two channels have the same callsign
and number, it is only shown once in the EPG. If either is different
it shows both. The lowest numbered input is the first choice for a
station available from more than one source. See:


--  bjm

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