[mythtv-users] Custom Record - First Episodes

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Aug 17 03:35:11 UTC 2005

John P Poet wrote:
> I noticed your "First Episodes" template in "Custom Record".  This is 
> *really* cool.  I have been able to craft up a "Series Premier" rule 
> which finds new shows with categories I might be interested in.

Cool. Post it.

Ever since gigem invented kPowerSearch, it's apparent that there
will be lots of cool things we could do. Kind of like getting a new
box of LEGOs, you just have to play with it and think of stuff.
There will be a new section in the HOWTO RSN to help people get
started and hopefully we'll see some new creative ideas.

A note on how I actually use this rule. You could set it to record
then choose "Don't record" for the things that aren't interesting.
However, what I do is to go into "Recording Options" and set it to
inactive. This way these premiers show up on my Upcoming Recordings
list in white with an "x" for Inactive. I can then choose "Record
anyway" for some things but I'll always see when all of these new
series are starting.

> However, I have run into a problem.  When my "Series Premier" rule finds 
> a show I know I am going to want to continue and record, how do I then 
> create a record rule just for that show?  When I do a "list episodes" on 
> the show, and then try to setup a record, I end up editing the "Series 
> Premier" rule instead of the show-specific recording rule.

Ya, this is a PITA.
> Do I have to wait for the second episode to show up in the Guide, before 
> I can setup a show-specific recording rule?

Exactly. Wait until the show is almost due then press "O" to see the
title proglist and set a rule on one of the other showings. If you set
an "All" rule, your "Series Premier" rule will still take precedence
for the first showing (because it is also "All" but has a lower
recordid). However, if you set a more specific type like Channel or
Timeslot, your new rule will take precedence for that first showing
so your priority, Recording Profile, etc. will apply to the premier.

--  bjm

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