[mythtv-users] Custom Record - First Episodes

John P Poet jppoet at gmail.com
Wed Aug 17 02:27:01 UTC 2005


I noticed your "First Episodes" template in "Custom Record". This is 
*really* cool. I have been able to craft up a "Series Premier" rule which 
finds new shows with categories I might be interested in.

However, I have run into a problem. When my "Series Premier" rule finds a 
show I know I am going to want to continue and record, how do I then create 
a record rule just for that show? When I do a "list episodes" on the show, 
and then try to setup a record, I end up editing the "Series Premier" rule 
instead of the show-specific recording rule.

Do I have to wait for the second episode to show up in the Guide, before I 
can setup a show-specific recording rule?


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