[mythtv-users] real format of .nuv from DVB-T card (mpeg2 with no header?)

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Tue Aug 16 11:44:55 UTC 2005

Tom Hughes wrote:

>They're completely wrong. It doesn't have NAV packets to start with.
>That said, this DVDStyler thing you're using might be prepared to
>insert those, but by the sounds of it it doesn't understand PS files
>or something (many things can't handle PS) so I'd try a TS recording
>and see if it handles that.
Thanks for clearing that up then.  I am sure I've tried TS as well.   I 
am going to give Project-X a try to see how fast it gave demux and remux 
it into a suitable form.

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