[mythtv-users] Another no sound problem

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 23:57:56 UTC 2005

On 8/14/05, Egeekial <egeekial at comcast.net> wrote:
> I have a Leadtek TV2000XP Deluxe bttv card with the line-out going into
> the line-in on my SB Live!. Of course, I have sound in tvtime, but for
> some reason myth just doesn't want to unmute the line-in when it records
> (that's what it seems like). It's not playback, because MythMusic works
> with no problem.
> I've messed around with ALSA controls as well as in Kmix. I'm running
> KDE 3.4.1, and I've tried with the sound system enabled and disabled. No
> change.

If using ALSA, I'd suggest making sure the KDE Sound system is not
running. Then make sure that your line-in is muted and set as the
capture source. If it wasn't muted, you'd get the audio from line-in
(live feed) and then the buffered audio in Myth (2-3 seconds behind)
playing at the same time.


Run alsamixer and make sure that levels are set correctly and then try
Myth again. If it works, store the ALSA settings in case you need to
get them back again in the future.


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