[mythtv-users] Gee, I THOUGHT I was a linux fan.

Graham Dunn graham.dunn at leitch.com
Mon Aug 15 19:16:39 UTC 2005

Jesse Guardiani wrote:

> I think you misunderstood. I'm not blaming him. I don't blame him for not
> auto-detecting and supporting my PVR 350 + IR remote combo either. There
> are simply too many variables. That's why I don't think anyone should 
> expect
> a KnoppMyth install to be plug-and-play. If the KnoppMyth developer
> published a supported set of hardware, then it might be a different 
> story, but
> AFAIK all he has out there now are minimum requirements.


The release date is now listed as Aug. 31st... start saving your 
pennies. All 179,995 of them. :)


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