[mythtv-users] Using DVI Output

Marius Schrecker masch at tiscali.no
Sat Aug 13 07:52:47 UTC 2005


>> if stuff like win32 codecs are going to break
>> then I guess 64 bit still hasn't hit primetime.

>Well, there may be a way around it by compiling mplayer/xine as 32 bit
>I've some
>hing similar for flash on 64bit. Basically, firefox has to be 
>compiled as 32 bit. I have no idea if this will work, but frankly it's
>too much like hard work for my tastes.

Hmm... Thinking about it the win32 stuff isn't mostly what I'm going to
be using the box for .... and to compile such central MythTV stuff as 32
bit really seems to be defeating the purpose of having a 64 bit Myth system.
As M$ are gradually getting their 64 bit os/s sorted I guess it won't be
too long til we see 64 bit dll's starting to appear....???

Thanks for the feedback.
Registered Linux user

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