[mythtv-users] Confusing highlight in recorded programs list inmythfrontend

David Maher dm at netsol.com.au
Thu Aug 11 05:17:35 UTC 2005

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On Thu, Aug 11, 2005 at 09:56:29AM +1000, David Maher wrote:
> The kids are starting to complain about a few things in myth tv.
> This is good, it means they are starting to use it. One complaint
> that I had last night, was about the recorded programs list. when
> you first view the recordings list, the focus is on the all
> recordings the groups pane, but the highlight is on the newest
> program in the episodes pane. At a glance (if you dont know better)
> you would think that pushing the down button on the remote would
> move you down through the episodes, but it doesn't, it moves you
> down through the groups. This is actually indicated by the fact that
> the text in the groups pane is white. To move throught the programs
> pane, you just need to press the right arrow button, and the focus
> shifts to the programs, the programs change to white and everthing
> is rosy, er white. The confusion comes from the highlight bar being
> on the programs pane, while the focus is actually on the groups
> initially. This is not intuitive, since you wouldn't expect a new
> user to instantly pick up that white text means the active pane.
> Does anyone know if this behaviour can be changed, or if there is a
> reason for this behaviour? I would expect the highlight to be on the
> active pane by default.
> This is a very small thing, but I often catch myself scrolling
> through the groups by mistake as well.

mythfrontend setup
TV Settings
"Start in Title section" - clear this checkbox


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