[mythtv-users] Air2PC Rev .2

Rion Odenbach xkeguy at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 01:12:40 UTC 2005

I recently bought 4 of the Air2PC cards off of Ebay for $49 each, to
replace 2 HD-2000 cards.  It took me a an hour or so to figure out
what was needed to get these cards to work correctly.  I thought I
would quickly document that to save other people time.  Currently the
drivers for air2pc Rev.2 are not incorporated in the official 2.6.12
kernel.  The card will be recognized, but will not work.  Only half of
its chipset will be recognized.  I will briefly talk about what I
needed to do to get this card working.  Its not meant to be a howto or
tutorial.  Its meant for someone that already understands Linux well. 
You must patch and recompile your kernel.  Download the
kernel from kernel.org.  Untar to your correct /usr/src/ location.  It
will untar to something like linux-  Rename the directory
linux-2.6.12  Download the 2.16.12 kernel patches from linuxtv.org. 
Patch the kernel, when it asks to swap source and destination answer
yes.  Rename the directory linux-  Import your latest working
config.  Do a make menuconfig.  Look under DVB drivers and make sure
the Broadcom chipset is listed.  Make sure that driver is compiled in
modular.  Recompile kernel.  Download correct firmware from CVS tree
of linuxtv.org and copy into /lib/firmware or your proper spot. 
Reboot, do a modprobe and make sure it inserts.  Thats all it took for
me.  I havent had any difficulty with these cards.  I think I may even
get better reception on my weak NBC channel than with my HD-2000.  I
used all of the DVB tools without issue and mythsetup ran without a
hitch.  I'm currently running three simultaneously, I'll add the
fourth real soon.  Havent had any issues yet.  Hope this helps.  I
believe the seller on Ebay is the manufacturer.  They were real easy
to deal with and shipped the same day.  At $49 per card, I dont think
this deal can be beat for OTA HDTV.

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