[mythtv-users] Cases for a PVR box... recommendations.

David Ellis david at ellisonline.ca
Fri Aug 12 18:22:56 UTC 2005

Yeah - that's the case.

Basically the grey front of the drive isn't exposed.......when the DVD/CD
tray opens the tray pushes open a folding down door. That door is smooth
(fluid bearings or hydraulics?).

You still have access to the drive, but color matching isn't a hassle.

I've used the Antec Piano (both the mini and mediacenter), cavalier silver,
and the Silverstone LC14 line. Of them all, I like the LC14, as you said:

1) Full size board support
2) VFD/IR if you want it.
3) Full size PCI card support
4) Standard Power supply
5) And for me, a nice design that ALMOST looks like a computer


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>>> david at ellisonline.ca 08/12/05 1:37 PM >>>
> Nah - I actually have two of the LC14 (one "M" and one 
> "vanilla").
> The LC14M has two standard 5 1/4" drive bays that are 
> stealthed behind a fluid bearing cover.

Huh.  I have an "M", but I don't have a cover.  It looks like this:



> For MythTV the LC14 is my case of choice - looks like a receiver - 
> black and easy to work with.

Although it has been sitting in the box for about 2 weeks, I plan on
this into a silent (no drives) combined FE/BE with a couple tuners.

Two caveats:  I hate "all silver" cases (aka pundit).  I love ATX cases

with full height card capability.

I also have two of these:


I lucked into them at a scratch and dent sale.  Neither of which are
or dented, just open boxes that I picked up for roughly 75% off retail.
think they are SilverStone's original attempt at a HTPC case.  I would
recommend them if you want a VFD.  Then you need to have the top bezel

lowered all the time which makes this unit look like computer rather
a mythical mystery box.


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