[mythtv-users] Converting .nuv files to something normal...

Todd Duffin nospam at tippyturtle.com
Thu Aug 11 23:47:42 UTC 2005

Better yet, install the filters, then right-click on the NUV file and pick 
"convert to AVI" then make a DVD from the AVI.  They only slightly grow 
(about 10% bigger).  I work from UNC paths (via Samba) and "save" the avi to 
my local machine and burn from there.

Good luck!


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> On 8/11/05, Rob Cummings <cummings.rob at gmail.com> wrote:
>> play my recordings across the wireless LAN on one of our home
>> Windows XP laptops.
>> My problem comes in figuring what to do with the stupid .nuv files.  If 
>> you
>> suggest nuvexport, please tell me how I can convert the files 
>> automagically
>> after they're recorded and how exactly nuvexport interfaces with it all.
> - MythStreamTV
> - DSMyth
> - VLC
> - knoppmyth CD to use your laptop as a 'real' frontend
> - spend $200 for a new 1.X ghz P4, don't use wireless, and run a full
> frontend through your TV :)
> PS: Just because your stupid OS doesn't understand how to play .nuv
> container files, doesn't make the file format stupid ;)
> -Ross
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