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Jim Reith reith at
Thu Aug 11 23:24:37 UTC 2005

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>Hi Jim,
>>  If you need a willing victim/beta tester, I'd be happy to
>>  work on it with you and give you another box to validate
>>  things on. I'm NTSC but running KnoppMyth R5A16. One of the
>>  reasons I built this machine was to have a software project
>>  to "play" in and maybe contribute stuff back and this is one
>>  piece that would be a big win in WAF
>OK, I've now got a first hack ready to break your system :-)

Oh goodie 8^)

>This version uses projectx for remux and commercial cutting. Cutting is
>NOT frame accurate, projectx rounds to the nearest GOP. Avidemux2 (which
>was used for cutting previosuly) doesn't round - it just produces broken
>output files if your cutpoints aren't on a Keyframe.
>- projectx (well, obviously )
>- Xvfb or local X server
>See for
>Changes implemented:
>- support for multiple audio streams. Commerical cut or remux will keep
>around all audio streams from the original recording. If you've got
>recordings with multiple audio streams (say, german and english streams)
>you'll get a DVD that allows you to switch languages. I haven't yet
>figured out how to find out which stream has which langauge and get this
>info over to the DVD, so the audio streams won't have nice names.
>- chapter submenu is optional and configurable via the web interface.
>while I like having the chapter marks in my titels I don't like the
>chapter submenu.
>- blue face / upside down thumbnails configurable via variables at the
>top of
>- add a title listbox to the "burn DVD" webpage similar to the listbox
>in "recorded programs". makes it much easier to pick a couple of
>episodes from the same series.
>- if commercial cutting is disabled, revert to old behaviour and use
>cutpoints as chapter marks
>patch can be downloaded at
>diff is against current CVS version of mythburn. Let me know how badly
>it breaks your system. I've tried this stuff on a  gentoo system with
>DVB TS Recordings in PAL Format so your box should be about as different
>as it's possible to be.

yeah, NTSC, KnoppMyth, and Analog PVR-350 recordings.

I may play with this a little tonight actually since there's nothing
scheduled to be recorded and no baseball game on to watch.

Should we keep this onlist or take it backchannel?

>Bye, Martin
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