[mythtv-users] Cases for a PVR box... recommendations.

Jason Mcmillon jmcmillon at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 21:15:33 UTC 2005

I second the aria and coolermaster cases.  I have one of each, and
both power supplies are quiet and both met the WAF.  The coolermaster
has the advantage of being a full ATX and is easier to add stuff to,
but the Aria is a very well designed micro-ATX case.  Depends on what
your other equipment looks like.


On 8/11/05, R. Geoffrey Newbury <newbury at mandamus.org> wrote:
> On 11 Aug 2005 07:11:22 -0700, Jim Reith wrote:
> >> > My question is, of those specialized cases out there, what are people's
> >> > favorites - which ones have proven to be more stable.
> I'm just putting together a box using the Silverstone LC11M as my case.
> This box is intended to replace the 2 VCR's next to the TV so I wanted a
> smallish and neat case.
> This case is good looking 'restrained' and well made.
> The case has the basic form factor of a 2U rack mount case. A little
> narrower and a little taller, but shorter than a desktop case in both
> dimensions. This case will take mATX motherboards or mini-itx. Has a very
> nice stealthed setup for a DVD in the front. The LC11M has a built in
> "VFR/IR" window. I have no idea whether this bit will eventually work
> under Linux, but the capability is there. Inside there is space for 2
> 3.5inch hard drives in the cage and you could shoehorn another under the
> DVD.
> It is very quiet. The noisiest part on mine is the 40mm fan on the CPU.
> The power supply ( 240Watt approx) is basically silent.
> I am using a Via Epia SP13000 motherboard and there is a 'gotcha' involved
> there.
> The case has 3 horizontal PCI slots in the back and will take full length
> PCI cards BUT the included PCI riser card expects that the first slot will
> be an AGP slot, and the PCI riser card will fit into the second slot of
> the motherboard. Of course a mini-itx board has no second slot! and no AGP
> slot. The answer is that you will need a PCI extension ( $8.00 at Logic
> Supply in Waterbury Vermont: great service from them BTW!), to go between
> a PCI riser card in a mini-ITX board PCI slot and your cards, so that then
> your cards will line up with the back of the case. Second gotcha is that
> there does not appear to be a 3 slot PCI riser card made anywhere...so you
> will be limited to using 2 PCI cards. The third slot is limited to AGP use
> only (and then only if you have a board with an AGP slot.). Since I am
> intending to use the on board video of the EPIA MB, 2 slots are sufficient
> for my Hauppauge PVR500 and a pcHDTV card.
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