[mythtv-users] Which remote?

Jo Shields directhex at apebox.org
Thu Aug 11 10:49:10 UTC 2005

Joe Votour wrote:

>I use the URC-6131 from One For All.  Granted, I had
>to make my own config file for it, but it's not really
>difficult, since you can find a pre-made RC-5
>configuration file somewhere (that has generic buttons
>listed).  From there, you just run irw, see what it
>spits out, and change the button names to something
>more desirable.
>Also, the One For All remotes are very programmable,
>so I have my PVR button setup for MythTV, and every
>button sends a code (which required some setup, but
>I'm very happy with the results.
>-- Joe
>--- Jo Shields <directhex at apebox.org> wrote:
>>*I'm getting to the stage with my Myth box where I
>>should think about 
>>something other than a PS/2 keyboard to control it.
>>I've managed to beat 
>>LIRC into enough of a bloody pulp to register button
>>presses in xmode2, 
>>so it's time to pick a device.
>>I was wondering if anyone had any particukar
>>experiences or 
>>recommendations to make. I like the look and style
>>of the One-For-All 
>>Kameleon series, but they're expensive and only the
>>(old) URC-8060 has a 
>>config file on the LIRC website.
>>Any suggestions?
>>--Jo Shields

Bought a remote now. 1st generation Kameleon 4, 25 plus delivery


Considering my parents paid 70 for the URC8060, and the 2nd generation 
URC8204 is about 50, that's a nice bargain!

--Jo Shields

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